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Posted by on Dec 9, 2014 in Sports & Fitness | 0 comments

7 Secrets Early Morning Workout Fitness Tips

This article will give you some tips to improve your early morning workout, along with the benefits of early morning workout.

Early Morning Exercise Tips

Early Morning Exercise Tips

Most people choose to exercise in the evening for various reasons. Some need to reach work early in the morning, while some go to bed late and find it hard to get up early. Research has proved that the best time to workout is in the morning, since it has numerous benefits. It sets a natural alarm in the body. It helps to ensure that the person goes to bed in a stipulated time and rises early too. It goes a long way in jump starting the metabolism. The metabolism remains within the elevated state for a longer period of your time. It also goes a long way in improving heart health. A morning workout varies from one person to another. You will have to make changes to the sample provided in this article, to suit your own needs.

In order to start early, you should sleep early so that you have enough energy stored in the body for a morning workout. If you’re a beginner to an early morning workout, here are a few of the fitness tips you need to keep in mind.


It is advisable to have a light meal if you’re having a late dinner. When you have a heavy dinner late, you won’t just arise late for your morning hours workout, but your tummy will feel heavy too in the morning.

Early to bed

You need to store enough energy for the early morning workout, therefore it is advisable that you should follow a regular sleep pattern. One fitness tip to bear in mind is, get eight hours of sound sleep and wake up early to boost your energy.

Long warm ups

Before you start your early morning workout, you need to do a small warm up first. Stretching is the greatest warm up fitness tip for you to follow along with. There are several rules for you to follow while stretching too, so get informed.

Exercise your enjoy

If you’re a regular exercise-holic, you must be fond of one type of exercise you enjoy to do. Start your morning hours workout with the exercise you like the most, and then move on to the following. If you are a beginner, start with a simple exercise.

Move Your Alarm

Move Your Alarm

Lifting weights

Lifting weights at an early morning workout session is one of the methods to keep your heart healthy and the body active. The fitness tip for you to follow when you lift up weights would be to breathe slowly and deeply. Don’t strain your body too much and go step by step when it comes to increasing the grams from the weight.

Move Your Alarm

Set your alarm over the room so you have to get up and up out of bed to turn it off. Then, once you’re up, flip around the lights. Turn on some music to help you get excited.

Make Breakfast a Priority

A little meal you can digest quickly which contains protein and complex carbs will turn on your brain and give you the energy you have to break a sweat. We recommend yogurt and fruit, peanut butter and apple slices, hard boiled egg, or wholegrain toast.

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