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Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in Sports & Fitness | 0 comments

Best Advanced Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Best Advanced Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Cardio exercises are one of the best form of exercises to lose weight, burn fats and improve health and fitness. This recreationxleisure article is provide best advanced cardio exercise for lose weight.

Cardio is one of the most important things you can do for your body, whether you want to lose weight, burn fat or improve your health. The great thing is, there are plenty of choices for cardio exercise. Something that gets your heart rate to your target heart rate zone works, but there are some exercises that provide you a little more bang for your buck.

Best Cardio for Weight Loss

Best Cardio for Weight Loss

Cardio exercise is different from aerobic exercise and lifting weights at the gym in that it keeps the center rate up for longer amounts of time. Aerobic exercise is targeted at losing fat during longer periods of medium-intense exercise. Weight lifting is targeted at building up muscle mass by short and focused bursts. Intense cardio exercise increases your overall fitness and burns calories. Cardio exercise also improves the body’s metabolism by stimulating the entire cardiovascular system.

How Cardio Aids Weight Loss

To shed weight, your total calorie expenditure ought to be more than your total calorie intake. While a healthy diet plan controls your calorie consumption, physical activities would burn the excess fats in your body. The heart rate increases during cardio exercises. This indicates that the heart is pumping more blood. Your breathing rate also increases. You begin perspiring. All these are signs of elevated calorie expenditure.


This is simplest form of cardio exercise. Half an hour of running can burn around 300 calories per day. Running is one type of cardio exercise which doesn’t need any special accessories. You just need a pair of good shoes and comfortable clothing to start with. Running can be performed anytime and anywhere and does not even need a special place or location. Nearly every weight loss tip includes running because the best form of cardio exercises.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the low cost yet effective cardio workout if you are looking to burn fat the right way. An easy 10 minute workout burns 135 calories and it is portable workout tool that matches right in your suitcase and is considered as an excellent traveling exercise. A whopping number of 330 calories can be easily burned with a 145 lb person having a 30 minute workout. Jumping rope a great calorie burner is certainly great for heart says an expert. It will help in strengthening the upper minimizing parts of the body and burns lot many calories.


Swimming tops the list of exercises mentioned in certain weight loss tips. Half an hour of swimming burns up around 400 calories every day. This is quite a good amount of fat burn. The best part of swimming as a cardio exercise is that it does not just focus on one part of the body. It covers nearly every body part. Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises.


Jump Rope Cardio Workout

Jump Rope Cardio Workout

Cycling is the greatest cardio workout whether you are outdoors or indoors. For the way fast you ride or how high your resistance is, always improve your endurance while burning calories using the power of legs. This low- impact workout is great for your joints and it is a perfect cross-training exercise for running or aerobics. Indoor cycling workout program is good for cardiovascular health and working out is ideal if it has the all of the three intensity zones, simple and easy , comfortable, challenging but comfortable, breathless.


It’s a new and upcoming cardio exercise which is included in weight loss tips. This type of cardio is a combination of dance steps that help in increasing heartbeat. It mixes jazz, rap, salsa and every dance form known. This 30-minute workout can help in burning 300 calories at the maximum. It is an exercise form that is as good as dancing, but it may be put as systematic dancing in which the pace of the dance steps are extremely designed that it helps in burning fats.

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