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Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in Sports & Fitness | 0 comments

Breathing Exercises for Running: Increase Your Lung Power

Running can be a form of meditation, which is achieved by fully connecting to your breath.

Breathing To Music

Breathing To Music

It is important that you learn how to do proper breathing while running. It’s a common belief that success in running is dependent on the right movements of the arms and legs, but breathing techniques may also contribute significantly to your ability to run well. If you can inhale lots of oxygen without compromising your running efficiency, you’ll have a huge advantage over runners who find it difficult to breathe properly.

Breathing Exercises for Running

In the aforementioned point, you have well understood the fact that breathing exercises make a deep effect on your body. It’s important for you to know these techniques correctly plus they should be done under the guidance of the fitness trainer. Breathing exercises make up the beginning step of any type of yoga and meditation. Runners depend a lot on breathing techniques because they have to constantly sustain energy levels while running.

Here are some breathing exercises for running, along with some patterns and tips to help you succeed:

Focus on Deep Breathing

Taking long, deep breaths rather than short, shallow pants helps you relax while running, which minimizes fatigue since your body isn’t unnecessarily contracting muscles. Every few minutes while you run, take one larger-than-normal breath, filling your lungs, and then exhale it entirely. Shake your arms to unwind tension immediately following the breath. Deeper breaths also let your muscles to receive more oxygen.

Cleansing Breath

Waking up with a congested feeling might cause you discomfort. A cleansing breath can open the sinuses and pay off the congestion. You can use the two middle fingers from the left hand to close the right nostril and take breathe for four counts while using left nostril. After this, you are able to close the nostril while using thumbs. You can hold breathe for four counts and then release the fingers in the right nostril and exhale for eight counts. Do this again on your right nostrils after which you will be able to blow your nose.

Breathing To Music

Focus on Deep Breathing

Focus on Deep Breathing

While deep breathing should be practiced prior to running or while settling down in the middle of the race, one of the most effective breathing exercises for running is adopting a cadence, which works for you and for your pace. You can simply opt for a song and mentally rehearse everything through the run, which would keep the mind from wandering which help in keeping your breathing synchronized. It may be your favourite fast tempo song or one with some encouraging lyrics. If you feel music has an effect on your pace and breathing, pay attention to the changes next time while you run by having an MP3 player. You yourself would gallop right into a faster pace subconsciously.

Hypoxic Training

Hypoxic training (training without enough oxygen) is borrowed in the theory used by the swimmers. As per the theory, limiting the use of oxygen can make an athlete capable of using it inside a more efficient way and to tolerate higher amounts of lactic acid. One way to practise hypoxic breathing would be to simply breathe on a slower rate. You can test breathing in a 4:4 ratio during the course of running in its place of breathing in 2:2 ratio.


  • While running, your jaw should be in a relaxed position using the mouth slightly open.
  • Ensure you breathe through the nose and mouth at the same time, which maximises the level of oxygen that reaches the lungs.
  • You will need to take deep breaths with the diaphragm and steer clear of shallow breaths through the chest. Breathing together with your diaphragm will make the stomach move in and out.
  • If you experience trouble in breathing, frequent yoga classes will allow you to control and breathe mindfully.

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